Action Alert: Ask Mayor de Blasio to Green NYC's Housing Plan

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Ask Mayor de Blasio to Green NYC's Housing Plan

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An exciting opportunity for the mayor to demonstrate his commitment to a sustainable, resilient city


In early May, the de Blasio administration will announce its strategy to add and preserve 200,000 affordable housing units over the next 10 years.

This is an incredible opportunity for the mayor to not only build a more equitable city -- but to also make a strong statement about his administration's commitment to the environment and climate change.

That means building homes that are energy efficient, that conserve water and other resources and that cut down on the greenhouse gases that are warming our atmosphere.

The mayor's plan must go beyond the buildings themselves, too. The mayor and his team must think comprehensively by prioritizing transit-oriented development, integrating parks and more. And anything that gets built must be ready to withstand future extreme weather events like storms, droughts and high temperatures.

After all -- a greener, more resilient city is also a more just city, where residents of all backgrounds and income levels can enjoy high-quality parks, efficient mass transit, healthy air and clean drinking water.

Sign our petition below to encourage Mayor de Blasio to make environmental sustainability and climate resiliency key parts of his housing strategy.

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Build Affordable. Build Sustainable. Build Resilient.

Mayor de Blasio

For too many New Yorkers, the hidden cost of climate change and unsustainable communities only compound the toll of sky high rents and property values in our city.

That's why I'm writing today to encourage you to make your new housing plan a model for environmental sustainability and climate resiliency.

During your campaign, you vowed to end the Tale of Two Cities and promote green buildings, focus on resiliency and build an alliance for a sustainable New York.

The new housing plan you will unveil in early May is the perfect opportunity to make progress on all of those promises.

The 200,000 units that you plan to preserve and create should not only be affordable, they should also put a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, water conservation and green building materials.

Your plan should also think comprehensively: truly affordable housing exists as part of a sustainable community. Locating new units near transit, parks, waterfronts and natural resources will alleviate the hidden costs that plague too many New Yorkers.

And finally, all new and preserved units must be reviewed to ensure they can withstand the next big storm -- as well as the more frequent extreme weather that climate change will bring.

I share your commitment to building a city that works for all of us. That's why I encourage you to create a housing plan that's truly affordable: a model for sustainability and resiliency that will inspire cities around the country, and around the world.

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