Action Alert: Don't Let Albany Raid Clean Water Money

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Don't Let Albany Raid Clean Water Money

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New York State has approximately $57 billion in drinking and wastewater infrastructure needs. So why is the Environmental Facilities Corporation proposing to spend to use clean-water loans to keep bridge tolls down?


New York State shouldn't be funding transportation projects at the expense of clean water. But that might happen if the Environmental Facilities Corporation casts a “yes” vote on June 26.

Even though money allocated to clean water is meant to protect our waterways and wildlife, this proposed loan would pay for demolition and dredging in relation to the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

This is an obvious misuse of funds and we can't allow this to set a national precedent.

Sign our petition below to tell the Environmental Facilities Corporation to spend our clean-water dollars on clean water!

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Reject the Clean Water Loan for the Tappan Zee Bridge

The Environmental Facilities Corporation must not approve the $511 million dollar loan to subsidize the Tappan Zee Bridge at your June 26 meeting.

Clean Water Act State Revolving Fund loans are intended to improve water quality and protect drinking water -- not to subsidize transportation projects and keep tolls down.

Diverting money meant to protect and improve New York's water quality for a transportation project has never been done before and it could set a dangerous precedent. Let's not be the first state to re-appropriate funds in this way.

Please reject this proposal so we can continue to fund water treatment projects and update our water infrastructure instead.

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